Open-World My Hero Academia Mobile Action-RPG Out Now

My Hero Academia: The Strongest Hero lets players fight as series favorites and regulars on Android and iOS devices.

An UPDATE On The BEST My Hero Academia Game | My Hero Academia Beyond Fan Made Game Gameplay

An UPDATE On The BEST My Hero Academia Game | My Hero Academia Beyond Fan Made Game Gameplay : I know you guys have been waiting on some more mha beyond content and since today has been 6 months since my first video I thought I’d give you guys more content on it! Like Subscribe and Comment and I appreciate all of you that watch my videos!

Devs Discord Link: https://discord.gg/mha-beyond

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My hero academia game: The Strongest Hero – Mobile Action RPG 5.32GB

[It is fine now. Why? Because I am here!]
The 3D mobile action game My Hero Academia: The Strongest Hero is launching now!
Most people in this world are born with superpowers called Quirks. As some began using their Quirks for evil, brave souls rose to defend justice.
A profession that had previously only existed in people’s minds—Hero—now became a reality.
Izuku Midoriya, a young boy who was born Quirkless, idolized All Might, the Symbol of Peace, and dreamed of becoming a great hero himself.
Will the Quirkless boy be able to defy the odds and realize his dream?
This is the story where he becomes the greatest hero of all!
[Officially Licensed; Stay True to the Anime]
Licensed and overseen by the official “My Hero Academia” team, the new 3D mobile RPG “My Hero Academia: tsh-sea” stays true to the anime. This game will recreate the world just as the anime, and you can enjoy original game storylines! Join the game and be a real hero.
[Use exclusive Quirks to defeat your enemies! Realistic Combat Experience]
Each hero has their own superpowers called Quirks: One For All, Demolisher, Half-Cold Half-Hot, Zero Gravity, and more… When the heroes use their ultimates, players can get a realistic combat experience! Launch magnificent and destructive skills to turn the tide of battle! Smaaash!
[Fair PvP, Free Combo Style]
The “PvP” battle is one of the most important modes of the game. During the PvP battle, the players don’t need to worry about the camera movements, but focus on the attack, defense, evasion, and other strategies. Players can also use different characters in the PvP battles, which allows players to combine various quirks to make the ultimate combo!
[Collect Heroes & Re-live the Story]
All the popular heroes from My Hero Academia are here! Collect powerful heroes and train your roster of characters to become the No.1 strongest hero! An animated world true to the original works! Join and create your future in this brand-new story!
[Vast Open 3D World, Explore a World of Heroes!]
An open 3D world full of cities and wondrous sights! Use walls to move at great speed and travel the world. Plenty of various settings and quest lines! Experience the daily life of a hero!

taptap: https://www.taptap.io/app/233662?share_id=2d316773104a &utm_medium=share &utm_source=copylink &share_times=1

playstore: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.bluetakugame.mhatshgp


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The Amazing! Anime Superheroes Open World RPG Game (My Hero Academia Beyond)

This is a Fanmade game My Hero Academia: Beyond

❤Join channel membership: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC9TnCYUEl76qwLqLS4mX-VA/join
Download Game Discord: https://discord.gg/mha-beyond
My Hero Academia: Beyond [Website]:
✔ Feel free to join my discord : https://discord.gg/x3eHPUMHGa
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/tk_rebirth/?hl=en
i9 11900K 5.30 GHz
Zotac RTX 3090
Windows 10 Prox64
Corsair 1000w
ACER VG240YPbmiipx 144Hz

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Download my hero beyond from here – https://discord.com/invite/mha-beyond
Download mirio kart from here – https://discord.gg/ZTRFTjSV

NEW ASTRODOM DISCORD – https://discord.gg/na5atv4z3m
Discord of EnglishExpert – https://discord.gg/ZTRFTjSV


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