What You Should Know About Tree Removal in Athens GA

19 May by niceglobalforum

What You Should Know About Tree Removal in Athens GA

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Athens, GA has a tree ordinance that regulates tree removal athens ga. The city has over 24 million trees, or approximately 584 trees per person. Because trees are an important part of Athens’ ecosystem, preserving them is a top priority. In addition to tree ordinances, invasive species such as Laura Wilt and Sudden Oak Death must be removed by a permit from the city. These invasive species may include your beloved oak or cherry trees.

Facts Everyone Should Know About

You may wonder why tree removal in Athens costs so much, and you’re not alone! Georgia is home to 20 national champion trees, including the Georgia Oak, which measures 77″ around the trunk and 59′ tall with a 65′ crown spread. While tree removal in Athens may seem necessary, proper plant care can extend the life of your trees and help your landscape. Here are a few things you should know about tree removal:

The cost of a tree removal in Athens varies greatly depending on its size, location, and access. While the size of a tree will impact the price, most tree removal services in Athens charge $100 to $150 per tree. The total cost for a full-service tree removal in Athens can be between $2,500 and $7,000, depending on the type of tree and its size. Complete tree removal is more expensive than tree trimming and includes the removal of tree debris, stump, shrubs, and roots. The cost for the job depends on your needs and what’s included in the quote.

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