New York State Medicaid Program for Detox Centers

21 Jun by niceglobalforum

New York State Medicaid Program for Detox Centers

The news is out – detox centers all across the country are now accepting Medicaid to help fund their services. The news is quite positive for those who need help but cannot afford the high cost of rehab. The news isn’t so positive for those who are addicted and need help getting into a treatment facility. In fact, many who have found it difficult to pay for detox or for treatment have given up on finding a place to live permanently.

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If you’re like one of the individuals mentioned in the article above, then you definitely need to find out how you can qualify for one of these programs. The good news is there are many world class rehab centers right here in NYC that accept Medicaid for detoxification treatments. In this particular article, we listed the top five NY detox centers that accept Medicaid. In addition to listing the names of the hospitals/clinics along with the contact information for those facilities, we also included an estimate on the cost to join the program based on an average cost per day for substance abuse treatment. After reading this article and contacting the hospitals and clinics, if you still have questions, you may want to contact a representative from your local substance abuse prevention and rehabilitation service.

In light of the news, one of the great things about Medicaid in New York is that is allows a wider range of qualified people into treatment for substance abuse than ever before. One such program is called “New York Medicaid Family Services.” This program targets drug and alcohol abuse in families by providing financial assistance to them for substance abuse programs, such as detox and residential therapy, as well as other services. As a matter of fact, families in New York State that don’t currently receive Medicaid benefits for detox will soon be eligible. You can visit the official website of the New York State Department of Health and Human Services for more information on this new program. Remember, the sooner you can get on board of the recovery path after a break for substance abuse, the greater your chance of maintaining sobriety.

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