An Architectural Review of Architects Sims – Sustainability

24 May by niceglobalforum

An Architectural Review of Architects Sims – Sustainability

Architects Sutherland Shire is one of very few firms of architects with a permanent establishment in South Australia’s coastal region, which has led to them being regarded as the state’s leading professional architectural firm. Established in 2021, Couvaras Architects has built up a solid reputation for delivering quality buildings that not only perform well, but also deliver an aesthetic element of enjoyment. The firm is run by executive creative director John Searby, who also serves as the firm’s project manager. John believes that architects have to think “about the customer first”, rather than just creating structures which look beautiful on their own.

Architects Sutherland Shire – Offering Originality and Creativity

Project managers from the firm work closely with experienced designers, engineers and architects to create truly unique building designs, using the best available materials. This often means using traditional means of construction, such as brickwork and cladding. But it also means incorporating unconventional materials, such as wood and glass. “We try to use the materials that match the surroundings, such as sandstone pavers in the Shire,” says John. “Then we’ll break them into sections and build the sections separately so that each section connects to the next.”

Couvaras Architects has recently completed two prestigious projects, both of which are listed as World Heritage List examples. The South Australia Conservation Areas Commission (SCAC) approved both the masterplan for the Pelican National Park and the interim management plan for the Flinders Island National Park. “The biggest challenge for us was increasing the level of connectivity between the areas, which resulted in better communication between staff and the local community,” says John. The masterplan ultimately helped the SCAC to award both projects World Heritage status.

Couvaras Architects

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