Trikes – A Human-Powered Bicycle

19 Feb by niceglobalforum

Trikes – A Human-Powered Bicycle

A trike, also known as a tricycle, usually abbreviated to triker, is a small three-wheeled bike similar to a bicycle with two wheels. Although the word “trike” has come to denote any sort of three wheeled vehicles that can be ridden as a sport or recreational vehicle, the first use of the word came from a Swedish trikotika, a type of Swedish horse-drawn carriage. Trikes were eventually used in the United States for transportation by European immigrants, who could not get along in the United States due to language barriers. The trike has evolved over the years into a great number of styles and types and can be used for a number of purposes.


Trikes – A Human-Powered Bicycle.

Originally a trike was simply a pedaled three-wheel cycle, but with the popularity of tricycles in North America, more complex and elaborate versions with additional features were produced, most notably the recumbent tricycle. Today, trikes are available with a number of different styles, including ones with a recline seat, ones with detachable seat pads, recumbent tricycles with hand controls and multiple gears, among others. Some trikes are comparable to electric bicycles, using pedals similar to those on a bicycle.


Many trikes today are equipped with a platform that a person can stand on, allowing them to ride with their feet off the ground. These platforms can either be made of steel or aluminum, depending on the style desired. Other trikes, sometimes called pedal-propelled cycles, have three wheels that are secured by a rack to a platform that has a handle bar for the rider to hold onto. The pedals of these types of trikes can be adjusted for speed and/or force applied by the rider, much like a bicycle’s pedals. In essence, a trike is an inexpensive, lightweight, human-powered automobile.

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