Day: January 7, 2021

7 Jan by niceglobalforum

Tips For Purchasing a Jigsaw Puzzle for Your Child

What’s the most commonly purchased jigsaw puzzle? 1000 piece puzzles. 1000 piece puzzles are an excellent option for all ages. Some younger kids can easily do it, but usually they’re recommended for above 12 years old.

Tips For Purchasing a Jigsaw Puzzle for Your Child

Why should you choose a 1000 piece puzzles over a traditional puzzle? 1000 piece puzzles have a much larger pieces than a traditional jigsaw puzzle would. This allows the kids to get the picture faster and builds up momentum for them to complete the puzzle. They will also be able to fit in the puzzle much easier, as larger pieces allow them to fit just around the corner or around the sides of the puzzle.

You can also buy different sized jigsaw puzzles, so that your kid can get a piece they like and adjust how big they want the rest of the puzzle to be. It’s recommended that you buy a puzzle that matches the age of your kid, because even toddlers can figure out how to work a 1000 piece puzzle. Once your kid has mastered the 1000 piece puzzle, you can help them work on a bigger, more difficult puzzle. There are several things to keep in mind when purchasing your kid a puzzle, including: how large they want their puzzle pieces to be, if they prefer a certain shape, what colors are best, and which accessories they might like (e.g., stickers or puzzle balls).