Kundalini Yoga – Exploring This New Level of Yoga For Sexual Health

16 Dec by niceglobalforum

Kundalini Yoga – Exploring This New Level of Yoga For Sexual Health

kundalini yoga

Kundalini yoga has been described as a life force, much like the spiritual energy that shadows everything in existence. Through the unique connection between our bodies, mind, and consciousness, we can awaken our creative power, intuition, and spirituality. Our entire being is comprised of these subtle energy centers that are anchored within our aura or subtle energy field. If they are allowed to flourish without restriction, they can cause imbalance and disintegrate our health. Kundalini yoga is designed to gently liberate us from our habitual patterns and open up the pathways for the powerful energy to flow freely.


This type of yoga is very gentle, but it is also highly energizing. It originated in India, and its primary focus is to intertwine the physical and spiritual realm. Like other forms of yoga, kundalini yoga is meant to strengthen the energetic system through breathing exercises and meditation. However, it is different from most other types of yoga in that it views sex as a sacred sexual act between two willing partners.


While kundalini is not appropriate for all couples, it can improve and balance your sex life. In fact, there have been thousands of individuals who have reported increased levels of intimacy, spiritual awareness, and overall happiness after practicing this form of yoga. It is important to note, however, that this type of yoga should not be practiced by those who are still married. Although it promotes the ultimate peace of mind, it can actually heighten the risk of divorce for those who are still very much in love.

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